Month: May 2018

LeBron James passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for all-time FG playoff record

LeBron James’ two game-winning buzzer-beaters these playoffs might be more memorable, but his jump shot midway through the second quarter of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals on Monday was the most historic.

The 22-foot jumper off a JR Smith feed was the 2,357th made field goal of James’ postseason career, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the all-time lead in that category.

James had 44 points on 17-for-28 shooting in the Cavaliers’ 111-102 win over the Celtics in Game 4, which tied the series 2-2.

Perhaps having Cook and Cousins on board, coupled with one of the league’s top defenses, will help the Vikings get over the hump and win their first conference title since 1977. Or their first Super Bowl.

“Even though we didn’t play good in the championship game, I think it was good for us to see that atmosphere, because it is different,” Zimmer said. “It’s not like a normal Sunday when you go out there, or a Monday night game. It’s a completely different atmosphere, so for a fairly young team, I think it was good for us to be there, and hopefully we can get back again.”

Shepherd took an unusual path to the NFL. He grew up in Canada and opened his college career as a linebacker at Simon Fraser University, but dropped out to go to work because he couldn’t afford tuition. He returned to school at Fort Hays State in 2015 and moved to defensive line after moving up to 315 pounds.

All of that makes Shepherd older than the typical rookie at 25, but he impressed scouts during games and at the Senior Bowl before landing with the Jets last month.

Thompson’s excellent game — he had two of the Cavs’ eight blocks, one of the reasons the Celtics missed a frustrating 19 shots in the paint in Game 4 — got him invited to the podium. There he was asked about James’ game … on the eighth question.

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Vegas books took bets, and took a bath, on the draft

Sports books in Nevada are now allowed to take bets on the NFL draft, and this year that turned out to be good for bettors and bad for the house.

The Westgate and William Hill sports books both lost money on a draft that turned out to be unpredictable, according to ESPN.

Cheerleaders should also receive a stipend or be reimbursed for the expensive beauty regimen and accessories required. PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR ALL CHEERLEADERS Ware struggled with several injuries and says she was pressured to perform through her pain and didn’t receive proper medical treatment. She says she danced on four broken bones, two sprained MCLs, two sprained meniscuses, a left shoulder injury and a right hip injury. She says that when she’d ask about resting her injuries, Miami’s cheerleading directors repeated a familiar threat: If you don’t perform, there are 100 other women who will take your position. Ware left the team nearly a year ago and she says her foot is still broken. She currently does not have health insurance and is trying to do her own physical therapy exercises at home.

Rapoport adds that the Cowboys might have had Thomas for a third-round pick “and a lot more,” but Dallas declined that too. The Cowboys reportedly still have interest in the free safety after not coming out of the draft with one. Xavier Woods is penciled in as the starter at free safety with last year’s starter, Byron Jones, moving to cornerback.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider admitted Saturday he talked to several teams Friday about a trade for Thomas but said nothing was close to happening.

Thomas threatened a holdout earlier this offseason in the absence of a new contract and opted to skip the start of the team’s offseason workouts. But Schneider recently said Thomas’ agent has promised Thomas won’t holdout.

And this’ll be a shameless plug for my old high-school buddy (and former Williams College WR) Colin Vataha and his venture Your Call Football . It’s live football with teams coached by ex-Packers coach Mike Sherman and ex-Steeler fullback Merrill Hoge. You get to call the plays through your phone, and compete for cash as two teams go at it. And there’s pretty decent talent out there too, with four players having already been plucked away to try out at NFL rookie minicamps. Just download the app and sign up. The second game is tonight at 8:30 p. m. ET. I bet you’ll find the concept interesting, and it’s something I think the NFL could use for the Pro Bowl down the line. 10

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West Virginia strikes deal for sports betting, “integrity fee”

The efforts of the sports leagues to get money for nothing could be paying off.

Instead, that money will become a windfall for sports leagues tha have gotten not a dime from legal gambling that has occurred for decades in Nevada. But since gambling likely will be happening legally in other places, the leagues now need compensation to ensure that their games will have integrity?

Of all the scams that professional sports leagues have pulled over the years on the American public, this one takes the cake. Literally. Unless the sports leagues will be licensing team names or logos for use in sports wagering (which will make everything feel more “official”), the sports leagues are providing nothing that they wouldn’t have otherwise provided for free, since the benefit to the sports leagues due to gambling arises from the increase in interest that happens when people have a financial interest in the outcome of a game.

Really, what leverage do the sports leagues have? Short of shutting down, there’s not a single thing they could have done to force West Virginia or any other state to pull a few bills off the bankroll, whether it’s given a term that sounds honorable or whether it’s called what it really is: Goodfellas-style tribute.

“There’s a lot of confidence as far as the guys that we have here right now,” Gase said. “[W]e felt good with Ryan starting and the Brock and David competing for that No. 2 spot. Now you add Bryce and that’s going to be an interesting competition. Really, we’re just going to see how it all works out for us.”

Osweiler has become an intriguing option, given his history as a Gase pupil in Denver, a part-time starter during the Super Bowl season of 2015 (Gase was in Chicago then), a failed one-year starter in Houston, and the subject of a hot-potato trade to Cleveland.

“When we started the free agency process, guys were talking about the fact that, ‘He’s 27-years-old. He’s played for you before and you were part of the guys that drafted him. You know him well. He wants to be here,’” Gase said of Osweiler. “They were almost selling me. I really had to go through things and just make sure that he was good getting back with me and understanding the situation we were in and kind of what he was going to be competing for.

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