The efforts of the sports leagues to get money for nothing could be paying off.

Instead, that money will become a windfall for sports leagues tha have gotten not a dime from legal gambling that has occurred for decades in Nevada. But since gambling likely will be happening legally in other places, the leagues now need compensation to ensure that their games will have integrity?

Of all the scams that professional sports leagues have pulled over the years on the American public, this one takes the cake. Literally. Unless the sports leagues will be licensing team names or logos for use in sports wagering (which will make everything feel more “official”), the sports leagues are providing nothing that they wouldn’t have otherwise provided for free, since the benefit to the sports leagues due to gambling arises from the increase in interest that happens when people have a financial interest in the outcome of a game.

Really, what leverage do the sports leagues have? Short of shutting down, there’s not a single thing they could have done to force West Virginia or any other state to pull a few bills off the bankroll, whether it’s given a term that sounds honorable or whether it’s called what it really is: Goodfellas-style tribute.

“There’s a lot of confidence as far as the guys that we have here right now,” Gase said. “[W]e felt good with Ryan starting and the Brock and David competing for that No. 2 spot. Now you add Bryce and that’s going to be an interesting competition. Really, we’re just going to see how it all works out for us.”

Osweiler has become an intriguing option, given his history as a Gase pupil in Denver, a part-time starter during the Super Bowl season of 2015 (Gase was in Chicago then), a failed one-year starter in Houston, and the subject of a hot-potato trade to Cleveland.

“When we started the free agency process, guys were talking about the fact that, ‘He’s 27-years-old. He’s played for you before and you were part of the guys that drafted him. You know him well. He wants to be here,’” Gase said of Osweiler. “They were almost selling me. I really had to go through things and just make sure that he was good getting back with me and understanding the situation we were in and kind of what he was going to be competing for.